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Hatch Green Chile Seeds in Denver, Colorado

Sandia Seed Green Chile Seeds in Denver, Colorado at City Floral

Attention Denver Gardeners!
Looking for Hatch Green Chile Seeds in Denver, Colorado?

Make sure to stop by City Floral off of Colfax and Kearney near downtown Denver or Nick's Garden Center in Aurora to pick up your favorite Hatch chile varieties. Our Sandia Seed display features lots of green chiles, plus super hot peppers like the infamous Carolina Reaper plus lots of other hot and sweet peppers that are sure to bring joy and spice to your Denver vegetable garden!

Learn more about how to grow chiles here ‚Äď they're easy!
We sell Hatch chile seeds around the country!

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Hatch Chile Seeds in Denver

Check out these Colorado Chiles:

Colorado Chile - Mosco Pueblo Colorado Chile Seeds

For the best Colorado Chile, check out our newest chiles we're offering:¬†Mosco¬†chile¬†peppers. These Colorado chiles shown above are the most delicious pepper you can find north of the NM state line. These are¬†Mirasol chiles¬†were bred in Pueblo, Colorado. With a delicious meaty sweet flavored flesh and medium heat, these red¬†Colorado chiles make the best red chile sauce! The Pueblo ‚ÄėMosco‚Äô has a different flavor from the Hatch chile varieties. It tends to have thicker walls, which make it¬†very easy to¬†roast, and a little more heat.¬†


Another wonderful Colorado-bred chile is the the¬†Giadone chile¬†shown above. These are also one of the most delicious peppers you can find north of the NM state line. These Colorado chiles are a type of Mirasol chile, and they are from Pueblo, Colorado.¬†Their tasty meaty flesh has a wonderful sweet flavor and plenty of heat with a Scoville rating from 10,000 - 12,000 SHU.¬† The Pueblo ‚ÄėGiadone‚Äô has a different flavor from the Hatch chile. It tends to have thicker walls, which make it¬†very easy to¬†roast, and more heat.¬†


Best Vegetables to Grow in Colorado
With Colorado's hot and dry weather, you can grow lots of our New Mexican chile seeds. Homegrown green and red chile is the best tasting! Growing your own fresh Red Hatch Chile is ideal as it's hard to find in grocery stores in Colorado because it's so perishable. Grow all of our New Mexican chiles including the Mild Hatch Green Chile seeds, or our Medium Big Jim Hatch Green Chile seeds.  Our Big Jim Legacy Green Chile Seeds have great flavor and thick meat with mild-to-medium heat.  For extra-hot chiles for that pleasurable burn, grow our Hatch Rattlesnake Green Chile Seeds which are spicy with 10,000-18,000 Scoville heat units. 

Colorado Vegetables - Grow Jalapenos!

The Colorado¬†climate is also great for growing¬†Jalape√Īo seeds,¬†they even come in several colors including the¬†Yellow Jalape√Īo¬†shown above,¬†or the juicy¬†Orange Jalapeno.¬†Are you a¬† Colorado Chilihead, and you want it really, really hot? Grow any of our¬†Super Hot Pepper Seeds¬†including the hottest pepper in the world with our¬†Carolina Reaper seeds¬†‚Äď all are¬†perfect for hot sauces and salsas.¬†

Sweet peppers are also great to grow in Colorado. Don't miss the Japanese Shishito pepper which are a real treat, or try our Purple Bell Pepper seeds, or the super cute Mini Orange Bell Pepper which are tasty and sweet and the perfect bite in the garden. 


Happy growing!