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Gifts for Gardeners who have Everything

Gifts for Gardeners who have Everything

Trying to think up some great gifts for gardeners who have everything? Well, we think there is one universal gardener rule: You can never have too many seeds! :) 

Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection

New for 2020/2021 is our 
Organic Food Garden Seed Gift Collection! This is the perfect gift that is sure to please any gardener in your life! With 20 types of veggies to grow (over 2,000 total seeds) this collection also comes with growing tips and a garden tote that is perfect for collecting veggies in the garden or sharing the harvest, or shopping! 

Gifts for gardeners who have everything: One can never have too many seeds!

Sandia Seed offers special pepper seeds from around the world, and specializing in New Mexican chile seeds such as Hatch Chile Seeds, several varieties of Big Jim Seeds (those huge and delicious beasts!), and Poblano Seeds, Chimayo Seeds, and so much more.

Gift Cards for GardenersWe sell Gift Cards to give to gardeners so they can choose their own, but to be honest: As gardeners, I've NEVER been sad to open a gift with seeds! ;) They're like an obsession, you can never have too many seeds! Giving them an unusual variety of pepper to grow is sure to please! We have all sorts of unusual and special pepper seeds including the hottest pepper in the world: Carolina Reaper Seeds, as well as other super hots like the several varieties of Ghost Pepper Seeds. We also have a rainbow of sweet pepper seeds like the world-famous Japanese  Shishito Seeds and the beautiful Purple Bell Pepper as well as the partial-shade and cool weather mountain pepper with black seeds: Rocoto Pepper Seeds.

Or try some unusual shapped peppers such as the Bishop's Crown pepper Seeds, which are unique thin-skinned red peppers with the unusual appearance of a tri-cornered hat like a Catholic Bishop’s Crown. The heat level has a very wide range from a medium 5,000 scoville heat units (SHU), all the way up to a very hot 15,000 SHU so these are fun to play pepper roulette with. 

Sandia Seed also has other rare or hard-to-find peppers such as the Spanish Piquillo pepper seeds (a.k.a. the little beak pepper) which is usually seen coming out of a jar from speciality grocery stores. This sweet pepper with modest heat–nearly imperceptible–has both smoky and tart undertones. It is hard to find because it received a European PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and cannot be commercially grown outside its Navarra, Spain region. But with these seeds, gardeners can grow them in their own gardens around the world. 

Gifts for Gardeners who have Everything - New Mexican Chile Seeds

This is similar to Hatch Chile seeds, which we also specialize in... to be called "Hatch chiles" they do need to be grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico. But that doesn't stop gardeners around the world from growing these delicious green chiles with lots of flavor and some with a LOT of heat (such as the Hatch Hot Doublecross Green Chile seeds). They say the flavor is never the same without the soil, climate and temperatures found in the Hatch area in New Mexico, but, as gardeners, we know homegrown is as fresh as it gets – and fresh always tastes great! We find that green chiles taste great when grown all over the world, so we encourage gardeners to try that hand at growing Hatch Chile and other New Mexican Green Chiles because it's easy and they are quite delicious when roasted, peeled and added to recipes of all kinds.  Learn more about How to grow Hatch Chile »



Did you know you can grow Green Chile in Wyoming? In fact, we have a customer in northern Wyoming who grows our NuMex Heritage Big Jim seeds in Sheridan, Wyoming with great success. Check out her amazing garden! Here's what she wrote us along with this photo:

“I hope that you get these photos. I started your Heritage Big Jim seed in a sunshed in mid March, planted around 600 to the garden! As you see, we made quite a haul! I do have a small chile roaster and many chile loving friends! We really love the flavor of these Jims. I will be ordering from you again! Thanks.”
~ Janette of Sheridan, Wyoming


Gifts for Gardeners who have Everything - give them Green Chile seeds from Sandia Seed!


Gifts for Gardeners who have Everything- new pepper seeds for 2019We are also offering lots of new peppers in 2019, check out 7 Pot Primo Pepper Seeds , one of the top 10 Hottest peppers in the world! Or give the gift of the Aji Limo / Lemon Drop Pepper Seeds, which are extremely spicy with dynamite lemony taste. There are also the beautiful and wicked hot Carolina Yellow Reaper Seeds, the Hottest peppers's sister. Our new Piquillo Pepper Seeds are a sweet heirloom pepper with surprising and delicious flavor. Learn more about all the new 2019 Pepper Seeds we are offering.  So if you're looking for gardener's gifts, then check out our entire collection of wonderful seeds that are sure to please!

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