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NEW Hot Pepper Seeds for 2019!

2019 Hot Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed presents the Newest Peppers for 2019...
Updated April 2, 2019

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Rattlesnake Hatch Chile Seeds

Rattlesnake Hatch Chile Seeds
Rattlesnake Green Chile is the new and very spicy variety joining the Hatch Green Chile compadres this growing season. The Rattlesnake chile was developed to be very hot and very delicious. Pods can be 4" - 8" long with thick flesh and plants grow to 30" tall.

2019 Hot Pepper Seeds - Jalapeno Orange Spice Seeds

Extremely spicy jalapeño in bright orange. These are super fast growing, too, and are one of the first hot peppers to harvest, ripening at just around 65 days – so make sure to plant these orange jalapeño seeds in your garden. You'll find that they are the first to sprout, too! 

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7 Pot Primo Pepper

One of the top 10 Hottest peppers in the world!

Aji Limo / Lemon Drop Pepper Seeds
Extremely spicy with dynamite lemony taste

Carolina Yellow Reaper Seeds
Rip-roaring hot but citrusy sweet. This is the sister of the world's hottest pepper in the world: The Carolina Reaper

Piquillo Pepper Seeds
Sweet heirloom pepper with surprising and delicious flavor

Stocky Red Rooster Pepper Seeds
Delicious sweet red open-pollinated pepper

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2019 Hot Pepper Seeds - Aji Limo Heirloom Pepper
2019 Hot Pepper Seeds - Yellow Carolina Reaper Seeds
2019 Hot Pepper Seeds - 7 Pot Primo Pepper Seeds
2019 Hot Pepper Seeds - Stocky Red Rooster Pepper Seeds