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Fresh vs Dried Pepper Names

Fresh vs Dried Pepper Names:
Did you know peppers have different names depending on whether they are fresh or dried/smoked? Read on... 

Fresh vs Dried Pepper NamesHere are some common dried pepper names: 

Dried Jalapeños = Chipotle
Dried Poblanos = Ancho
Dried Anaheim Chile = Colorado or California
Dried Mirasol = Guajillo
Dried Serrano = Chile Seco*
(or more specifically: balin, chico, tipico and largo)

Dried Chilaca = Pasilla
Dried Chile de Arbol = Chile Seco*

Of course, the names above can vary depending on the part of the world you are from. The more general term "Chile Seco" for example, translates to smoked chiles so is a more unbiquitous term that can apply to smoke-dried serranos, jalapeños, and Chile de Arbol.

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Dried Pepper Names - vs Fresh Pepper Names

Store your dried peppers whole, or you can also crush or process your peppers to make hot pepper flakes and powders. To do this, you can use food processors or coffee grinders, or Molcajete or get a high end spice grinder to get more fine flakes and powders.

How to Dry Peppers without a Dehydrator »

Pepper Plant - grow your own peppers to make dried peppers for the kitchen

Grow your own Spices!

Growing your own peppers in your garden is a great way to stock up your spice cabinet! Drying peppers is easy, you can use a dehydrator, or air dry them if your climate allows for it. Here are some clever ways on How to Dry Peppers without a Dehydrator. Pepper plants can be quite abundant, so often you won't be able to consume them all fresh, so drying your peppers is a great way to preserve your pepper harvest for year-round use.