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Molcajete Mexicano: Great for Hot Pepper Flakes & Salsa Recipes!

Molcajete for Chile Peppers
A molcajete is basically a large volcanic stone mortar & pestle. Molcajetes are often used to prepare Mexican food such as salsa and guacamole. Using a Molcajete is also perfect for grinding up your dried peppers from the garden to make pepper flakes.

Molcajete for Salsa and Hot Pepper Flakes

It's super easy to make hot pepper flakes with your Mexican Molcajete with all varieties of chile peppers – you can make pepper flakes out of super hot peppers like Bhut Jolokia Ghost PeppersDorset Naga PeppersCarolina Reaper PeppersCayenne PeppersGoat Horn Peppers, or any pepper you wish! Sometimes it's fun to combine different hot peppers with sweet peppers or even Hatch chiles to add depth of flavor.

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How to make Hot Pepper Flakes

BeeBlessedFarm shared this beautiful photo above of all of their homegrown dried chile pepper harvest grown from our seeds. Varieties include Sweet Banana peppers, Serranos, Hatch chiles, Bell peppers, Fresno peppers and others. What a pretty pantry treasure! 

Here's a great video with a salsa recipe using a Molcajete: