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Fastest Growing Peppers

 Fastest Growing Peppers

Are you looking for the fastest growing peppers

Sandia Seed has some of the fastest growing pepper seeds, if you live in a short season climate or if you just want your peppers sooner, check out our top fastest growing pepper list of seeds we carry below:

Fastest Growing Peppers

#1 Fastest Growing Pepper:
Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper

Fastest Growing Peppers: Chocolate Bell

 These delicious 3-4" chocolate-colored bell peppers are ready for harvest just 57 days after planting! That means these are the fastest growing pepper seeds we carry. They're delicious on salads, stuffed, or added to recipes for wonderful sweet pepper flavor. Also easy to snack on right in the garden!

Shishito Seeds

#2 Fastest Growing Pepper:
Shishito Pepper

The sweet Shishito Pepper is a favorite pepper among gourmet gardeners and chefs for their amazing flavor, early & continual harvests. Shishitos are ready to harvest earlier than most peppers at around 60 days.

#3 Fastest Growing Pepper:
Lemon Spice Pepper

Earliest Peppers - Yellow Jalapeno Seeds from Sandia Seed
If you like hot peppers, then make sure to grow the early harvesting Lemon Spice Pepper, which are each about 65 days to harvest. These are HOT peppers with 30,000 Scovilles! Not your typical jalapeño! 

#4 Fastest Growing Pepper:
Orange Jalapeño

Orange Jalapeno Seeds

NuMex Jalapeño Orange Spice - This new hot and colorful orange jalapeño is great in the home garden along with yellow and green japlapeños. These hot orange Jalapeños also ripen earlier than most other peppers at just 65 days,so they're great for short seasons. This orange jalapeño has thick flesh and spicy flavor like the Early Jalapeño, but with WAY more heat – these early orange jalapenos can have up to 80,000 Scovilles! These go great with our fiery Orange Salsa Recipe! These fast growing jalapeño plants are 24” tall and the pods grow to 2-1/2” x 1” wide.


#5 Fastest Growing Pepper:
Mild Hatch Green Chile

Hatch Chile Seeds

New Mexican Green Chile is famous around the world for being extremely tasty!  Experience the fresh-roasted exceptional chile flavor in all your recipes by growing these early bearing chiles in your garden. Our fastest growing green chile is our Mild Hatch Green Chile which has mild heat and matures early at around 70 days. Roast them on the grill, peel and deseed and add to anything for a smoky, buttery chile flavor. Delicious! 

Pepper Seed Germination Time
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If you want to have the fastest growing peppers in your garden, make sure to grow these varieties above, start them early indoors, keep them warm and plant them in full sun. We have lots more tips on fast growing peppers and how to get them to grow faster here:  

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