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Can you make money selling peppers?

Can you make money selling pepper seeds? Yes, with Sandia Seed's Wholesale Seeds
Yes, you can make money selling peppers, specifically pepper seeds – hottest pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds & rare pepper seeds especially are becoming more and more popular with gardeners and food lovers alike. Sandia Seed has seeds for over 100 peppers of the world so you can offer your customers seeds for favorite peppers as well as new peppers that they haven't grown before.

One of the reasons gardeners like to start vegetables from seed is the ability to grow peppers and other veggies that are not easily found in garden nurseries and stores. Sandia Seed offers a Wholesale Seeds 50% discount to retailers who want to resell our seed packets. We also offer beautiful seed displays so that you can show off the seeds in your store.

Growing peppers to sell:
You can also grow peppers to sell at farmer's markets and to restaurants and shops – hard to find peppers are a great product to offer to your local community! Check out our bulk seeds for a cost effective way to grow lots of specialty peppers of the world that are hard to find locally.

What is the best month to plant pepper seeds?
It depends on where you grow, but starting pepper seeds about 6-8+ weeks before transplanting into the garden is your best bet to get healthy pepper seedlings that will produce well in the summer months. Check out our fastest growing peppers which are great for shorter seasons so that you can get plenty of peppers before the summer's end.

Seed Catalog

Our Sandia Seed Catalog is packed with over 100 peppers of the world, plus vegetable seeds and tomato seeds, too. The seed catalog also features recipes and pepper growing tips so it's a great addition to any gardener's coffee table or nightstand.

Read more about our Wholesale Seeds and start selling pepper seeds today! Or check out our bulk seeds to grow peppers to sell.