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Best Ghost Pepper Seeds

Ghost Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed has the best selection of Ghost Pepper seeds

 Ghost Peppers are super hot peppers from India – and they're world-famous for the heat and flavor. Sandia Seed carries six different colors and flavors of ghost pepper seeds to grow in your garden!

We have White Ghost Pepper seeds, and of course the classic Red Ghost Pepper as well as Chocolate Ghost Pepper seeds, and a striking brilliant Yellow Ghost Pepper seeds.  

Ghost Peppers make excellent salsa,
check out our Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe below:  

Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe

Ghost Pepper Seeds - grow your own Ghost Pepper Salsa!

The Best Ghost Pepper Seeds:

If you love Ghost Peppers, grow all the different colors:

Chocolate Ghost Pepper Seeds

Yellow Ghost Pepper Seeds

Purple Ghost Pepper Seeds

To sprout these Ghost Pepper seeds, make sure to keep them very warm, between 80-90˚ F, which will give you the quickest and most successful seed germination.

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White Ghost Pepper Seeds

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