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What to do with Hatch Chile after Roasting

Roasted Hatch Chile


Recent seed customer question:

I am asking for suggestions for what to do with my hatch chilies after I roast them?

Well, the possibilities are endless! Roasted Hatch chile can be added to all sorts of recipes. Here are some of our top suggestions on what to do with roasted hatch chile:

    • After roasting, steam them and then deseed and peel the skin off the roasted chile. We like to steam them in a pyrex glass dish with a glass lid to cut down on plastic use.
    • Dice the chile and put them in a jar with olive oil to use for adding to soups, stir fries, salads, or dipping with crusty bread
    • Freeze them in a reusable dish with a tight fitting lid for use later. Freeze in portion size so you can use them all winter.
    • Shredding the chile after skinning them, add fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil just let it sit a bit and dip toasted bread - this is an Italian way
    • Make Chile Rellenos
    • Make Hatch Chile Salsa!
    • Great with morning eggs
    • Make Green Chile Stew
    • Make Vegetarian Green Chili Stew
    • Make this White Green Chile Recipe
    • Add diced green chile on top of pizza
    • Top Nachos with chopped Hatch chile
    • Make this Hatch Green Chile Gravy Recipe
    • Add to soups to jazz them up!
    • Top baked potatoes with chopped Hatch chile
    • Add to a hoagie sandwich
    • Make Hatch chile hummus with chickpeas!
    • Make Green Chile Enchiladas Recipe
    • Add Hatch chile to burritos (or smother with Green Chile stew!)
    • Add them to Vegan Stuffed Peppers
    • Make Hatch Chile Cheese Dip
    • Add diced chile on top of burgers
    • Make our Green Chile Quinoa Salad Recipe
    • Make our Green Chile Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

What to do with Roasted Hatch Chile

We like to steam our roasted chile in an old pyrex glass dish with glass lid.
No plastic needed!

We also store small portions of peeled roasted chile in plastic or pyrex dishes with tight fitting lids in the freezer for use year-round. 

What to do with Roasted Hatch Chile - our top tips!

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