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Unusual Gifts for Gardeners

Unusual Gifts for Gardeners - Seeds!

Pepper Seeds from around the world make the perfect unusual gift for gardeners in your life. Gardeners always love growing something new, and most of us are seed-collectors (maybe seed-hoarders), haha! But we know that seeds are a wonderful gift of magic – they grow into delicious homegrown vegetables that are a treat for the tastebuds!

Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection

Looking for unusual gardening gift for the gardeners in your life? This organic food garden seed collection is the perfect unusual gardener gift that is sure to please any gardener in your life!  With twenty of the easiest-to-grow veggie seeds, this collection will bring joy to any gardener, experienced or beginners alike! The gift set comes with a garden tote that is perfect for collecting veggies in the garden or sharing the harvest. 
Super Hot Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed has over 100 chile peppers from around the world, as well as over 44 tomato varieties including lots of heirlooms! For spice-lovers, we carry tons of super hot pepper varieties including the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, as well as several colors of Ghost Pepper Seeds, and seven different kinds of Jalapeno seeds. See all of our seeds in one place in our Seed Catalog »

Hatch Chile Seeds

We specialize in the highly-coveted Hatch Chile varieties from New Mexico – we have lots of different Hatch chile seeds from super hot to mild, and both red and green! Once you've tasted delicious Hatch chiles, you'll always want to have them growing in your garden. 

We also carry lots of rare pepper seeds that are sure to please any gardener – as it's fun to grow something new every year. 

Best Last Minute Unusual Gifts for Gardeners
So if you are looking for the best unusual gifts for gardeners, make sure to check out our collection. If you're looking for a last minute gift, our Gift Cards are also instantly printable or emailable, so you can buy a gift the same day to give to your favorite gardener! 


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