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Best Presents for Gardeners

Presents for Gardeners - Gift Card for Seeds are great for last minute gifts

Looking for the best Presents for Gardeners?

Here's our list of our seven favorite present ideas for gardeners. 

#1 Best Presents for Gardeners:

You can never go wrong with seeds! Gardeners always are collecting seeds, and new varieties are always a treat to grow! Sandia Seed offers over 100 chile peppers from around the world, plus over 44 Tomato seeds including lots of heirloom and organic varieties. View our full seed catalog »

Presents for Gardeners - Seeds from Sandia Seed

Best Presents for Gardeners - Food Garden Gift Set

Our Organic Food Garden Seed Collection is the perfect unusual gift for gardeners! Packed with 20 of the easiest-to-grow and productive vegetables, this is perfect for beginner gardeners and experienced gardeners alike! 

A great last minute present for gardeners is our Gift Cards, which can be printed or emailed instantly.

We also just designed a brand new Seed Catalog that is a great read as it's packed with tons of pepper and tomato varieties plus lots of growing tips and recipes. A seed catalog combined with our gift cards is the perfect gift! 

Best Presents for Gardeners – Seed Catalog

So if you are lucky enough to have a gardener in your life, treat them to the best presents and give the gift of seeds! Gardeners love growing new varieties – the only trouble is choosing which ones to grow as there are so many! :) 


Here are some of our other ideas for great gardener gifts: 

Compost Bin - Best Presents for Gardeners
Compost Bin:
Every gardener needs one (or more!)
The more you compost, the more productive your garden, we find! And composting is the ultimate way to recycle leaves, food scraps, paper, cardboard, tissues, and so much more by turning it into gardeners gold! We always fill our compost bin up and wish we had a second! We love the black recycled plastic compost bins which look neat and can be tucked away in the garden.

Best Presents for Gardeners - Tomato Cages such as Topiary Frames or Garden Obelisks

Sturdy Tomato Cages: Topiary or Obelisks

A heavy-duty obelisk or trellis can always be used in the garden! As they are just like tomatoes, you can't have enough of them! There are some beautiful Topiary Frames and Obelisks that will make an accent in the garden, and, are heavy-duty enough to not topple over in late summer when the tomato plants are large. Beware of the flimsy tomato cages you see at the hardware store... they DO NOT hold up tomatoes at full size! For tomatoes, get something good and sturdy that you can put your weight on, like the Topiary Frames shown above, and make sure they are at least 5-7' high. 

Best Presents for Gardeners - Drying Racks

Herb / Chile Drying Rack

Great for drying herbs and homegrown chile peppers!
You can make a drying rack easily too, if you're into handmade gifts!

Grow Lights

Grow Lights
If they have room, a grow light kit or stand is always a welcome gift to any gardener. Who doesn't want to start more seeds? ;) 

Best Gifts for Gardeners - Gloves


A good pair of long sleeved gloves are wonderful for harvesting tomatoes and other veggies. Don't skimp, cheap gloves don't last very long. A good pair of rose pruning gloves will last a long time if taken care of!

Best Presents for Gardeners - Large Pots

Large Pots and Containers

Who doesn't want more garden space? Pots and containers make it easy to expand gardens onto patios and in landscapes. The larger the better, especially for growing peppers and tomatoes. Getting large pots such as ones 5 Gallons or larger are best. If you want to give them some seeds to go along with the container, here's are the Best Peppers to Grow in Containers »

    Happy gifting and happy growing!