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Purple Peppers

Purple Peppers Seeds - Sweet Purple Bell Pepper

Sandia Seed has a wide variety of purple peppers that you can grow easily from seed! Purple in the garden is always a welcome sight! And, when you use purple peppers in your salads and recipes, they really add some great flavor and color!

Our favorite purple peppers include both sweet and hot peppers. 

Purple Peppers - Ghost PeppersTo start, we'll introduce you to our purple hot peppers. Our Purple Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers start out in beautiful purple then ripen to white/pale green and eventually turn to a deep purple and then red with dark blotches at full maturity. These are fun to watch as they develop into different shades of purple, green, deep purple and then red! See some photos of this wicked beast. Below we have some harvested purple ghost peppers that had to be picked before a snow storm. Many of these continued to ripen to purple on the counter, and we ended up dehydrating them for storing over the winter. 

Purple Peppers - Purple Bhut Jolokia Seeds (Purple Ghost Pepper)

Purple Ghost Pepper SeedsWe really love Purple Bhut Jolokia peppers as they have a wonderful sweet flavor with a lot of heat that is great for hot sauces and salsas or stews. When we say they have a lot of heat, they do, with 800,000 Scoville Heat Units! They pack a whollop, but have tons of flavor, too, and are a favorite hot pepper for hot sauce makers. 

The Purple Bhut Jolokia pepper also has purple flowers and purple tinged stems and leaves, making this a really beautiful purple pepper to grow in your garden!

Make sure to keep these Purple Bhut Jolokia seeds very warm during germination – 80-90˚ F is ideal, so we recommend starting them indoors with a seedling heat mat. 

Purple Peppers Seeds - Numex Twilight Peppers start out purple and change to a rainbow of colors! The prettiest purple pepper you can grow.

One of our absolute favorite purple peppers that you can grow in your vegetable garden or ornamental garden is the gorgeous NuMex Twilight Pepper. These are not just purple, but they start out that way! So first you will have a whole bunch of purple peppers, which will slowly change to a beautiful array of colors, going from purple to yellow to orange and ripening to a brilliant red.

These purple pepper plants really look like holiday lights in your garden and are very pretty. We love growing them in containers and pots or as colorful borders in the garden. The bonus is, even though these are very ornamental peppers, they are also edible! We love drying them at the end of the season and crushing into hot pepper flakes or using to make hot sauce. They are quite hot, and though they have not been rated on the Scoville scale, they are nice and spicy and give a burst of heat to salsas or other recipes.

Here are some more photos below of these absolutely wonderful NuMex Twilight Peppers


Purple Peppers Seeds - Numex Twilight Peppers start out purple then changes to a rainbow of colors!


Purple Peppers are beautiful in the garden!

Pictured above are the NuMex Twilight Peppers in the blue pot, as well as some of our gorgeous Green Chiles, Red Hatch Chiles and lots of other peppers. We carry seeds for over 100 peppers from around the world, so you can try new varieties every year! View our full online seed catalog to see all of our pepper seeds on one easy order form. We love growing peppers in our garden as you can really grow the rainbow! Plus, you can have both sweet and spicy additions to your meals all year-long. 

Chocolate Sweet Bell Pepper - Purple Pepper Seeds

We also have two Sweet Purple Peppers to choose from, our Purple Beauty Bell Pepper, shown below, and our organic Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper (which is more chocolate in color than purple, and is our earliest pepper, ripening at just around 57 days!)
 Purple Peppers - Sweet Purple Bell Pepper Seeds

Another colorful and beautiful purple pepper is the Bolivian Rainbow pepper. These bright and unique ornamental peppers have purple tinged foliage and purple flowers that develop into purple peppers that turn from purple to yellow and then to red when mature. These purple peppers, like the NuMex Twilight Pepper, are edible.

We love using them to make fermented hot sauce, or drying them at the end of each season and then crushing them for hot pepper flakes. 

Purple Peppers - Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds 

So if you want to grow some beautiful purple peppers in your garden, check out any of these varieties shown above. They will not only look gorgeous in your garden and get lots of comments from your neighbors, friends and family, they are also delicious, too!