Orange Pepper Seeds - An Orange Habanero with no Heat!

Posted on 02 December 2018

Orange Pepper Seeds - TRICK OR TREAT HABANERO - NO HEAT – Habanero Seeds

Grow Orange pepper seeds for some delightful color in your recipes – these NuMex Trick or Treat Habaneros don't have any heat, so they'e perfect for those who love sweet peppers without heat. They have all the great flavor and the aroma of a Habanero, but without any capsaicin to burn your tongue. These are great to add Habanero flavor to any recipe, including hot pepper sauce and salsas – we like to use just one or two hot Habaneros (such as the Caribbean Habanero or the Chocolate Habanero) and several of these Orange Trick or Treat Habanero pods to make a tamer, less-spicy Habanero hot sauce or salsa that still packs a lot of flavor. 

Orange Habanero without any Heat

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