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Hot Sauce Recipes

Hot Sauce Recipes - Favorites from Sandia SeedHere are some of our favorite hot sauce recipes to make with your abundant hot pepper harvests! Hot sauce is a great way to preserve your peppers and their spiciness for year-round use, and long after the snow starts flying!

Favorite Hot Sauce Recipes:

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Hot Sauce Recipes - Hot Sauce Favorites from Sandia Seed

Hot sauce is a fabulous way to use your pepper harvest. Hot sauce is an old way of preserving pepper flavor and heat for year-round use in the kitchen. Once you make your own hot sauce, you'll be addicted to the spicy, fresh, organic flavors that come straight from your garden! The unique and delicious fermented hot sauces are great as they only require simple ingredients including water and salt, and time! Plus, they provide probiotics for your gut. You can also make our vinegar-based No-Salt Hot Sauce for great flavor without the salt! Whatever hot sauce you choose to make, you'll be amazed at the amazing flavors your homegrown peppers can provide.


If peppers are a fruit, then hot sauce is a smoothie. 

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