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Tomatillo Hot Sauce Recipe

Easy Tomatillo Hot Sauce Recipe

Try this amazing roasted Tomatillo hot sauce with green jalapenos. 😊💚🔥


6-12+ Tomatillos
4-6+ Green Jalapenos (we used unripe Orange Jalapenos but you can use any green hot pepper!)
4+ Cloves of Garlic
Vinegar to taste/consistency
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cut tomatillos and jalapenos in half and roast in a cast iron pan or on the grill to blister the skins a bit, let cool in glass dish. Blend all the ingredients including the garlic and salt and pepper in a food processor until smooth, adding vinegar or water to get the desired consistency. Pour into a sanitized hot sauce bottle or jar and enjoy! It won't last long.

Recipe Variations: We love using apples in this hot sauce, too, just peel them and blend with other ingredients to give the sauce a little more sweetness and use up apples if you have an abundance from a tree! You can also use different types of vinegar, such as champagne or apple cider vinegar in this recipe. Feel free to also add spices such as Cumin or herbs such as cilantro for added flavor.

Tomatillo Hot Sauce Recipe

This is an easy tomatillo hot sauce that is sure to please the tastebuds! It's a pretty green color and goes great on eggs, burritos, tacos, you name it.