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Grow your own Hatch Chile!

Grow Hatch Chile from Seeds from

“Whoever said the best things in life are free...
obviously grew their own Hatch Chile.”

We agree, growing your own veggies is nearly free if you make your own compost and save or share seeds! You can even keep many chile pepper plants alive year-round if you bring them inside for the winter or live in a warm frost-free zone. Some pepper plants are know to live

Peppers can have LONG Lives!
Although peppers are considered annuals, Capsicum annum is actually perennial in its native environment in zones 9-11 in the southern United States through northern Central America. In other zones with cold winters, peppers can be grown year-round in greenhouses or in a sunny window with supplemental light. If kept from frost, a chile pepper plant can live for 4-6 years, though we've even heard of 20-30 year old Chiltepin peppers – the oldest of all Capsicum annuum species.

Getting Started Growing Hatch Chile & Peppers:
If you need some seeds to start your garden, there is a (small) cost, but it's worth it and a packet of seeds can fill a garden! If you want to get the most bang for your buck, go for the varieties that we sell that have 30 seeds per packet like the varieties mentioned below (or check out our bulk chile seeds if you're looking to fill a field!)

Our Favorite Seeds with 30 Seeds Per Packet:

NuMex Heritage Big Jim
Big Jim Legacy
Hatch Red Chile Seeds
Anaheim Chile
Jalapeño M
Tabasco Peppers
Purple Beauty Bell Peppers
Cal Wonder Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers

We also sell Wholesale Seeds so that small shops like garden nurseries or hardware stores can feature our Hatch chile seeds, our other favorite pepper seed varieties and Heirloom Tomato seeds and spread the chile love around the world!

What makes a Hatch Chile Hatch?
While you can grow Hatch chile seeds around the world, technically to be called "Hatch" they need to be grown in the Hatch region in New Mexico. Though we still think they taste good no matter where they're grown, and not everyone lives in New Mexico, so growing your own is a safe bet to guarantee some green chile deliciousness in your life.
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