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Gardener Gifts - Top 5 Gift Ideas

If you have a gardener in your life, they will always appreciate new seeds to grow! Seeds make the best gardener gifts and they can be grown, shared, and saved for years to use in the garden.

Read on for more of our top gardener gift ideas...

Gardener Gifts

Here are some fun gift ideas for the gardener:


Gardener Gifts: Hatch Chile Seeds
Pepper Seeds

Pick unusual varieties to try, gardeners usually love to experiment with new varieties. We have over 100 varieties of peppers, so if you're gardener likes sweet and savory or spicy, we have delicious sweet peppers or mild peppers, as well as the hottest peppers, and everything in between. Hatch Chile is a delicacy from New Mexico but the seeds can be grown in any home garden to enjoy roasted green and red chile no matter where you live! Home cooks and chefs alike love the variety of flavor and colors as well as heat that peppers can bring to the table.

Gardener Gifts: Pepper Seeds Gift Bundles

We also feature seed gift sets such as our Chef's 3-Pack with Padron, Paprika and Pepperoncini pepper seeds, or our Hot Pepper 3-Pack including Jalapeño, Serrano & Fresno Seeds; or check out the delicious 3 Pack of New Mexican Chile Seeds including 30 seeds each for Hatch Mild, Big Jim NuMex & Sandia Select. Or for a complete garden, check out our gift-wrapped Food Garden with a cute garden tote and 20 seed varieties for the easiest, most productive food garden ever. 

Gardeners Gifts: Seeds

Getting ornamental pepper seeds for gardeners is always a hit – it's fun to grow colorful new peppers each season. Not only are they useful in the kitchen, they look beautiful in pots and in garden beds alike.

 Gardener Gifts: Tomato Seeds

Tomato Seeds

Gardeners love growing new varieties of tomatoes! Heirloom tomatoes are always a favorite as they've been grown by generations for their flavor and attributes. It is also wise to vary it up and grow a few different tomato varieties each year. This can help cut down on disease and pests, and add a variety of flavor and increase your harvest period.

Vegetable Seeds Food Garden Gift for Gardeners

Vegetable Seeds

Gardeners always grow some of these classic vegetable seeds, and it's nice to have fresh seeds each year to start. Radishes or herbs like Cilantro or Basil, for example, can be planted and harvested throughout the growing season, so you can always use more! Basil seeds can also be started indoors and grown in a sunny window all winter long to harvest leaves to add to soups, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta dishes. Having some green basil growing in your window in the winter months always brings some cheer to any gardener and cook. We also offer a Food Garden Gift Set that includes 20 easy-to-grow classic vegetable seed varieties as well as a fun canvas garden bag for collecting produce.


 Gardening Gloves and Hori Hori Garden Knife Tool

Gardening Gloves

We personally love the rose gloves that go up to your elbow as they make it easier to harvest without getting scratched up by Zucchini stalks or prickly cucumber vines... plus they keep dirt out, protect your skin from the sun, and seem to last a lot longer than regular garden gloves. 

 Seed Starter Mix or Potting Soil

Seedling Mix

Yes, gardeners love getting good dirt! ;) Seed Starter Mix is a lovely loamy well-draining mix that is perfect for starting seeds, and most gardeners LOVE starting seeds. Potting soil is also a good option, and is used for transplants and starting seeds. Keep in mind that Top Soil and Garden Soil are NOT Seed Starter mix or Potting Soil, which is what most gardeners are looking for – so make sure to find Seed Starter Mix or Potting Soil specifically as that makes the best gardener gift for seed growers. We just can't get enough of it. ;) 


 Happy gifting and gardening out there!