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Five Mild Green Chiles

If you like green chile but not the burn in your mouth we suggest growing a few of the milder varieties. 

Anaheim Peppers

Scoville 500-1,000 This can be is the mildest New Mexico pod-type pepper. It has less flavor than the NM 6-4. This heirloom has genetics that trace back to the original No. 9 pepper developed by Fabian Garcia in the early 1900s.

Mild Green Chile: Anaheim Sonora

Anaheim Sonora Mild
Scoville 600 Very mild and like the Anaheim, but with larger pods. The flesh is thick and this variety is TMV resistant. Not heirloom.

Mild Green Chile: Hatch Green Mild

Hatch Green Mild – NM 6-4
Scoville 1,000 A very mild and very productive green chile. This old heirloom has been grown in the Hatch Valley for half a century and for good reason.

Mild Green Chile Seeds: NuMex Heritage 6-4

NuMex Heritage 6-4
Scoville 1,000 This variety was created by selective breeding to choose the best traits from the Hatch Green Mild NM 6-4. So compared to the original Hatch Green Mild NM 6-4, this chile can have more flavor and more uniform heat in all the pods. Very productive and released in 2012 so not an heirloom.

Mild Green Chiles - Guizeppi Seeds

Hatch Green Mild – Guizeppi
Scoville 1,000 – 1,500. A very mild and very big chile with thick flesh. The large plants are very productive. This is a new introduction and not an heirloom.


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Mild Green Chile Seeds

All of our green chile seeds are all open-pollinated and non-GMO.
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