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Pepper Seeds

Pepper Seeds

Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed carries over 100 peppers of the world that you can grow in your garden! Our seeds have very high germination rates and grow into a variety of peppers that are sure to please any pepper lover!

We also specialize in New Mexican Chile seeds such as Hatch Chile seeds, Poblano seeds, and other New Mexican favorites.

Want sweet, mild, hot or super hot pepper seeds?
We got you covered on pepper seeds with every heat level, from no heat at all to wicked hot. Here is a list of our peppers by heat from around the world
based on their heat level, from sweet to super hot!

List of Peppers by Heat

We have an entire range of pepper seeds for everyone:

Hot Pepper Seeds: Habanero

Hot Pepper Seeds
Find an unusual color, or give our short season peppers which are sure to please pepper lovers as they grow quickly and produce abundantly!

Hottest Pepper Seeds - Yellow Carolina Reaper
Super Hot Pepper Seeds
For those chileheads who love the heat!

Mild Pepper Seeds: Biquinho Yellow Pepper
Mild Pepper Seeds
For people who like a little spice and loads of flavor! Many of these peppers are great for pickling, or to put on sandwiches, salads, or whatever your tastebuds desire for extra crunch and flavor!

Sweet Pepper Seeds
Sweet peppers are great for adding intense flavors, nutrients, and colors to recipes, salads, sandwiches and more. Don't miss growing pepper seeds for the Chocolate Bell pepper, our fasting growing pepper; or our very popular Banana Peppers which are great for pickling; or the rare Spanish Piquillo pepper (a.k.a. the little beak pepper) which is only usually seen coming out of a jar. 

Hatch Pepper Seeds

Hatch Chile Pepper Seeds
Hatch Chiles are known worldwide for their incredible flavor. They are called Hatch because they are grown in the Hatch Valley area in southwestern New Mexico. All our Hatch chile seeds are grown in this area, and all our New Mexican pod-type chile seeds are grown in the state of New Mexico. Technically, if you don't grow these varieties in the Hatch region, then you can't call them Hatch chiles. However, we think they still taste great no matter where you live in the world, and, for a lot of people who are not in New Mexico, it's hard to even get Hatch chile! 

Mild Pepper Seeds - The Mild Guizeppi Hatch Green Chile

Our Hatch Green Mild - Guizeppi Pepper Seeds are the perfect choice for people who love the green chile flavor but don't care for the heat. These are the mildest Hatch chile you can grow but they are still packed with flavor.


Pepper Seeds - Habanero Seeds

Habanero pepper seeds grow into aromatic chile peppers with intense and pungent heat. Their spicy heat and citrusy fresh flavor go well with so many foods!


Sandia Seed Company loves offering pepper seeds for a wide variety of peppers including green chile and we are proud to offer the best selection New Mexican chile seeds in the world! Our complete Seed Catalog has a total over 100 specialty peppers from sweet to super-hot, 50 heirloom tomatoes, and organic seeds for 27 vegetables.

Sandia Seed is part of a sustainable movement to change the way the world buys seeds. We offer heirloom open-pollinated seed varieties that are not readily available from large seed companies.

Check out some of our Reviews on our Pepper Seeds:

Fast service and grown true peppers of all varieties. Good amount of seeds in the packets,too! Love Sandia Seeds.

– Toby O.

“We had 100% germination, and the peppers are outside growing happy as clams. Very pleased. I've even harvested a few already. We did keep them warm and toasty on heating mats, then with lots of light in a reflective grow tent once germinated. Thank you!” – Jen

“All the hatch seeds germinated and we made hatch chili salsa that was fantastic and froze the rest as roasted hatch chili. Great seeds!”
– Shapiro, on our Doublecross Hot Hatch Green Chile Seeds
Thanks for supporting our small seed company!