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Best Habanero Seeds

Best Habanero Seeds

Do you love habaneros? If you haven't tried them, and you like hot peppers, you should grow habaneros!

We think habaneros are one of the tastiest of all peppers – they have a great fruity flavor, aroma and lots of heat! Habaneros make some of the most flavorful hot sauces, and they are awesome in salsas.

Orange Habanero Seeds

Easy to grow, Habanero seeds can be started indoors to get the plants growing strong before transplanting outside once the weather warms up and all chance of frost has passed. We have several different Habanero seeds in different colors and flavors so you can grow a variety of these tasty hot peppers.

Best Habanero Seeds from Sandia Seed

Many of our seed customers grow habaneros in containers, and they produce lots of pods for using in hot sauces, salsas and other recipes. Make sure to use good potting soil that is loamy and drains well, and the containers have plenty of holes so your Habanero plants don't sit in water. Peppers hate wet feet!

Habanero Seeds - Orange Habanero Seeds

For a colorful assortment of intense flavor and heat, grow our orange habanero seedsred habanero seeds, orange habanero seeds, no-heat habanero seeds, white habanero seeds, and our two chocolate habanero seeds, and Jamaican hot chocolate habanero seeds

Red Habanero Seeds

Chocolate Habanero Seeds

Trick or Treat Habanero Seeds

White Habanero Seeds