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2022 Seed Catalog

2022 Seed Catalog: Peppers of the World from Sandia Seed + Organic Vegetable Seeds + Heirloom Tomato Seeds

2022 Seed Catalog: Peppers of the World from + Organic Vegetable Seeds + Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Check out Sandia Seed's brand new
2022 Seed Catalog that we just designed and got back from the printer!


Our 2022 Seed Catalog is packed with seeds for some of your favorites like our Hatch Chile seeds, plus several new peppers of the world, plus organic vegetable seeds and heirloom tomato seeds.

Order our new 2022 Seed Catalog!

Our pepper-packed 2022 Seed Catalog is printed and is now shipping!

Check out the 2022 Seed Catalog, it's packed with recipes, growing tips and lots of seeds! Perfect for winter-time dreaming, planning and plotting of next season's garden. 

Our 2022 Seed Catalog is going to be your favorite new seed catalog! It's packed with over 100 peppers plus lots of new tomatoes, veggies, growing tips and recipes.

2022 Seed Catalog


In our 2022 Seed Catalog
, we are introducing
Hatch Green Mild – Guizeppi as one of the mildest Hatch chile varieties we offer; Alma Paprika, the best paprika for drying; Anaheim Sonora Mild, a delicious and very large pepper; Biquinho Yellow, mild and fruity from Brazil; Cascabella, small and tangy; Cayenne Purple, both the pepper and plant are pretty, Corno de Toro Gaillo, a big sweet yellow frying pepper; Dynamite Green Chile, an XHot hailing from Colorado; Jalapeno Jaloro, a golden yellow jalapeno; Pimento Sheepnose, crisp and juicy; Poblano Ancho Gigantea, large and flavorful; Serrano Purple, large and less heat (coming soon to our website); Jalapeno Purple, flavorful and mild; Thai Dragon, ornamental and very hot (coming soon to our website); and Patio Fire & Ice, a bright yellow, orange, and, red ornamental pepper.


Happy growing!