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Yellow Jalapeño

Yellow Jalapeno

Yellow Jalapeño

Yellow Jalapeno Seeds Packet

Yellow Jalapeño seeds are easy to grow, and these yellow beauties will certainly please in the garden!  Our NuMex Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño is a yellow jalapeño that ripens as early as 65 days after germinating – which means you can enjoy these yellow gems earlier than most other peppers! They're great in salsas, stuffed as poppers, on tacos, or any other dish you want to add spice to! These novel Yellow Jalapeños are sure to attract attention as they are so bright and gorgeous. Plus, they are packed with the great Jalapeño flavor with 30,000 Scovilles of heat in a vibrant yellow pod.

Note: We also have a second golden Yellow Jalapeno called the Jalapeño Jaloro that has less heat. Read more about it lower below.

The Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño plants grow to be about 24" tall with 3" long pods. They have thick flesh and are spicy just like the Early Jalapeño, and with 30,000 Scoville units they pack a lot of heat!

Our extra spicy Lemon Spice Jalapeño is the best tasting yellow Jalapeño and it loves dry, hot weather! This bright new  “heirloom” was introduced by New Mexico State University, created by natural backcrossing techniques. Because of this, these yellow jalapeños are well-adapted to hot, dry summers (like in New Mexico and the West).

Ornamental Yellow Jalapeños look amazing in any garden, even the front yard! Boy, are they ornamental! These yellow gems can be used in containers or in mixed flower beds to bring a burst of yellow color to your garden that is also delicious to eat. These Yellow Jalapeño plants are perfect for growing in edible gardens, urban gardens, and community gardens. One of our favorite ways to eat these is to slice them in half, remove the seeds (you can dry and save the seeds for adding spice to dishes later!). Then spread some cream cheese in each half, line them up on an old cookie sheet and put them on the grill or roast them in the oven until hot. The cream goodness of the cheese combined with the spicy yellow jalapeño is amazing! 

The photos above are from our Yellow Jalapeño plants grown last season that were loaded down with yellow jalapeño pods!  Our Lemon Spice Jalapeño seeds are easy to grow, just keep them warm when germinating (80-90˚F), we like to use a heat mat. Once they germinate, don't over water, and make sure to pet them by brushing them daily with your hands or put a light fan for a few hours a day them to encourage them to grow stronger stems and avoid dampening off (a common seed ailment due to overwatering and lack of good air circulation). Brushing them with your hand or giving them a breeze also encourages them to grow stockier, resulting in shorter stockier, healthier plants.

Yellow Jalapeno - jalapeno jaloro
We also have another Yellow Jalapeno called the Jalapeño Jaloro - which is golden yellow. Oro means gold in Spanish, hence the name. Created by the Texas Agriculture Extension Service in 1992. Most significant, perhaps, is the fact that it is disease resistant to 6 types of viruses that often affect peppers. These yellow jalapeno plants produce big yields of colorful yellow jalapeño peppers that are 2” long with juicy thick walls. The medium-hot fruits with 5,000 Scovilles are milder than a regular jalapeño. The shorter 24” plants make this a good container variety. TMV resistant. These are early peppers, too, ripening in 65 days! Great for short seasons.

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Make sure to grow our Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño seeds (shown below) or the golden Jalapeño Jaloro in your garden this season, since they're both fast growing they are perfect for shorter seasons and they also make beautiful container plants. 

Yellow Jalapeno Seeds


Yellow Peppers
Love yellow? Then grow more Yellow Peppers in your garden! We have a large assortment of different yellow pepper seeds ranging from super hot to sweet to grow.

Orange JalapenoOrange Jalapeño
We also sell Orange Jalapeño seeds, our Orange Spice Jalapeño seeds are another new "heirloom" brought to us by New Mexico State University.

These orange gems, like the Yellow Jalapeño, are gorgeous in the garden – their bright orange color catches the eye and looks beautiful in recipes. Read more about this new variety of Orange Jalapeño that is sure to come a best-seller because of it's delicious thick flesh and brilliant orange color.

We love growing and serving all four colors of Jalapeños – green jalapeños (which ripens to red), yellow jalapeños and orange jalapeños – these look gorgeous lined up on a dish, and they also make a great eye-catching farmer's market stand display.


Bolivian Rainbow seedsPeople these days are looking for organic, colorful healthy vegetables – and eating a rainbow of color makes food more attractive (and healthy!). You could also grow some purple vegetables such as the sweet Purple Bell Peppers, or the rare and beautiful super hot Purple Bhut Jolokia peppers. Or try growing the famous and gorgeous Bolivian Rainbow peppers – they have a pepper rainbow of color growing from orange, red to purple covering the plants all at once making for quite a show!

Check out all of our Ornamental Peppers for something beautiful to grow in your garden, plus you can dry them and and use them all winter long to spice up any dish. Yes, you can eat ornamental peppers

All of these peppers are delicious and can be used in salsas, hot sauces, and tons of other recipes. So why not add some beauty and spice to your garden this year!



Orange Jalapeno