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Purple Bell Peppers

Purple Bell Peppers - Seeds for Purple peppers and Heirloom Tomatoes

Looking for Purple Bell Peppers or other Purple Pepper seeds? If you love purple like we do, you always want to plant purple flowers... but did you know you can also plant purple vegetables like Purple Bell Peppers or Purple Tomatoes? Purple is one of the best colors in your garden, it compliments the green leaves and everyone who sees a purple pepper or fruit are delighted!

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Purple Bell Peppers - Seeds for Purple Bell peppers

If you like hot peppers like us, check out the Bhut Jolokia Purple pepper, which is beautiful and adds super hot heat to any recipe or salsa. The Purple Bhut pods start out purple with dull skin, then white/pale green and glossy, then turn deep purple and then red with dark blotches at maturity. 

Purple Bhut Jolokia Seeds

The Purple Beauty Bell Pepper is an
 ever-bearing upright 24" plant that produces peppers that mature from light green to white and then develop purple stripes that cover the whole fruit.  The beautiful purple skin contrasts nicely with its lime green flesh, they're quite charming in a salad! 

If you like purple tomatoes, check out our Indigo Rose Heirloom Tomato
which was the first truly purple skinned tomato with clusters of round 2" fruits. The undersides turn from green to a rosy red as it ripens, so while they look beautifully purple right away, they taste much better when allowed to ripen to a darker purple with a red underbelly. 

Purple Pepper Bolivian Rainbow Seeds

If you want even more color in your vegetable garden, check out the gorgeous Bolivian Rainbow Pepper ‚Äst¬†this is a¬†unique and bright ornamental landscape plant that has beautiful purple, orange and red colored peppers¬†for the entire season.¬† ¬†The peppers are edible, but it is usually grown as an ornamental ‚Äď but that doesn't stop us from using them, we love drying these Bolivian Rainbow Peppers to make hot pepper flakes for spicing up any recipe.¬†

NuMex Twilight Pepper Seeds - Multi-colored ornamental Peppers

You can also try the NuMex Twilight Pepper which is similar to the Bolivian Rainbow pepper in that it has multiple colored peppers, too. The NuMex Twilight Pepper bears a beautiful array of bright purple fruits that ripen to yellow, orange, then red.  Can you eat Ornamental Peppers? Yes you can! We love making hot pepper flakes from these stunning peppers as well, as they pack a lot of heat. 

Purple Peppers: NuMex Easter Ornamental Pepper from

For more purple peppers, check out our new NuMex Easter Ornamental Pepper seeds also grow into beautiful plants loaded with pastel peppers, ranging from purple lavender to light yellow and then maturing to a light orange. Peppers are spicy and edible. The clusters of peppers on the tips of each compact branch are an ever-changing array of pastel Easter colors.

Ornamental Peppers - in purple, red, yellow and orange

These NuMex Twilight Pepper plants above are gorgeous for lining walkways or as a highlight in your vegetable garden. These plants create a colorful display through the summer months and will make a great statement in your landscape when multiple plants are grouped together.

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Happy growing!