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Tabasco Pepper Plant

The Tabasco pepper plant is a gorgeous and super tasty addition to any vegetable garden! Tabasco pepper plants are easy to grow from Tabasco Pepper seeds!

Tabasco Pepper Plant - Tabasco Pepper Seeds

What do Tabasco Pepper Plants look like?
Tabasco Pepper Plants are 2’- 4’ tall and loaded with slender 1-1/2” pods that grow upright. Chiles mature from yellow-green to bright red and have a unique, smoky flavor that creates their distinctive tabasco taste.

Tabasco pepper seeds for Sale

Sandia Seed has the best Tabasco pepper seeds to grow in your garden, our seeds have great germination and grow into robust Tabasco pepper plants loaded with tasty pods.

Fermented Hot Sauce Recipes

What to do with Tabasco Peppers

We like to make fermented hot sauce recipes from Tabasco peppers, but they're also super tasty when added to salsas, stews, tacos, burritos, or stir fries. 

Tabasco Peppers in Vinegar
You can also pick tabasco peppers and pickle them quickly in vinegar for a tasty treat! Try these amazingly flavored peppers in our vinegar-based No-Salt Hot Sauce recipe »

Tabasco Pepper Plant - When to Pick Tabasco Peppers:

Tabasco Pepper - When to Pick:
You can pick Tabasco peppers when the the slender 1-1/2” pods are green, but they develop more flavor and heat if you let them fully ripen on the vine to their signature red color. 

So if you love flavor, make sure to grow some Tabasco pepper plants in your garden. The Tabasco pepper plants are beautiful and loaded with pods that are useful for flavoring everything from hot sauce to sandwiches. 

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