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Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper - the earliest pepper!

Earliest Pepper - Chocolate Bell

This Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper is our earliest pepper! Ripening at just 57 days, this delicious pepper goes from green to dark brown on the outside with brick-red flesh on the inside. Very beautiful when chopped and put on salads, on sandwiches or in flash-fried for fajitas.  

If you like sweet peppers, you have to try this little delicious gem. These Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers are about 3-4" in size, and the plants tolerate cool nights – making them good for earlier growing in the spring. This early sweet pepper was bred by Elwyn Meader and introduced by the University of New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station in 1965. 

If you are a gourmet chef, this is a great pepper to grow in your garden as it's one of the first to harvest and it really is a beauty! These early pepper plants are very prolific, loaded with dark chocolate brown peppers in early summer. 
If you're an organic gardener, you'll be happy to know that the seeds for this delicious unique pepper are certified organic! So try growing a new pepper this year, you won't regret growing and tasting this delicously sweet and gorgeous bell pepper earlier than any other pepper varieties in the garden!

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