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Succession Planting

Succession Planting for more harvests

It is smart to succession plant seeds for lettuce, radishes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, nasturtium, green onions, and peas all season long to keep the harvests coming. Our Little Gem Lettuce is a Chef's favorite! A cross between butterhead and romaine, Little Gem has the unique trait of having romaine’s crunch with the sweetness and small size of a butterhead. It grows  8" high producing a sweet and compact heart that is the perfect size for interplanting with your other veggies! We recommend sowing seeds for lettuce every 3 weeks for a staggered harvest.

We like to direct sow seeds for radishes, lettuce, beans, cucumbers and beets often, as succession planting results a long continuous harvest season.

We also tuck in radishes and lettuce in our pepper and tomato beds to maximize the harvest! It's hard to wait all summer for tomatoes and peppers to ripen, so having lots of lettuce and other veggies can help you be more patient and enjoy while you wait for those precious morsels to harvest.

Radishes for Companion Plants for Peppers and Tomatoes

Did you know that radishes can repel cucumber beetles, flea beetles, and other pests? Nasturtiums are edible and also help bring in beneficial bugs to help you do pest control. For example, nasturtiums attract hoverflies and other beneficial bugs that dine on aphids.  

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