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Mild Hatch Chile Seeds

A customer recently asked us:

“Hello I'm looking to grow hatch chilli's this year and have never grown them before, I like really spicy food but looking for something on the mild side so that my family can enjoy them as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

- Cody 


Mild Green Chile from New MexicoThere are several mild green chiles you can grow to please the whole family!

The Anaheim Chile, one of our customer favorites, is a superb-flavored New Mexican Chile with milder heat at only 500-1000 Scoville Heat Units. The heirloom chiles are the granddaddy of all future New Mexico green chile pod types including Hatch chile varieties. Learn more about this delicious chile and get Anaheim seeds here »

Another milder New Mexican chile is our 6-4 Mile Hatch Green Chile, which has about 1,000 Scovilles. This mild Hatch chile is one of our most popular green chiles to grow because of its mild heat content and it matures early and grows well in short seasons. Hatch Green Mild - NM 6-4 has always been the standard for open-pollinated mild green chile. These milder chile pods are 6" long with thick fleshy walls and grow on 30” plants.

Also be sure to try growing our NuMex Heritage 6-4 Green Chile seeds which was the original New Mexico 6-4 seed from a 1957 seed bank was used to reselect this variety with all the best attributes - including great flavor with higher yields and uniform heat at around 1,000 Scovilles.

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What makes a Hatch Chile Hatch?

Hatch Chiles are special and unique to the Hatch region in New Mexico, you can grow the same varieties in other areas or states, but, like Champagne, then it isn't technically a true Hatch chile. Hatch chiles get their special flavor from the unique soil and climate in this part of New Mexico, grown by people who have planted, nurtured and harvested the chiles over many generations. But, that doesn't mean you can't grow them where ever you live. It's hard to get Hatch Chiles around the world, so if you want to have your own supply of the tastiest chiles you can grow, then check out our Hatch seeds and grow them in your garden!