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Is the Carolina Reaper the Hottest Pepper in the World?

Carolina Reaper Seeds - Is the Carolina Reaper the Hottest Pepper in the World? Yes!

YES! The Carolina Reaper the Hottest Pepper in the World!

Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world - buy seeds!There have been other peppers rumoured to be hotter than the Reaper, but none have been proven or have been awarded the Guinness World Record prize. Among these peppers is the Dragon's Breath Pepper and Pepper X. However, seeds for both of these peppers are nearly impossible to be tracked down – and the "Dragon's Breath" pepper pods with seeds that we acquired and have grown out have yet to even fruit – so we we're dubious if these peppers actually exist! They could just be a varient of the Trinidad Scorpion or Reaper.  The Reaper, shown cut in half in this picture, is LOADED with heat – check out the droplet of capsaicin oil in top left of pic! This Carolina Reaper means business! 

Time will tell if any peppers beat out the Carolina Reaper. We'll of course keep you attuned of any new developments in the hot pepper world, but for now, Carolina Reaper is still the reining QUEEN of the super hots! 

Side fact: The Carolina Reaper beat the Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" pepper in 2013 to claim the record for being the World's Hottest Pepper. 

No matter what hot pepper seeds you grow, you're sure to set fire to any salsa, hot sauce or recipes by adding any of these wicked little beasts! 

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