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Is Colorado really famous for green chile?

Is Colorado really famous for green chile?

Is Colorado really famous for green chile?

Many people love Pueblo Chile – it is the the famous chile of the state, attracting chileheads from around the world. Pueblo chile pods' heat level ranges from 5,000 and 20,000 Scoville Heat Units and they're packed with flavor. Many Coloradans love the flavor of Pueblo Chiles.

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Colorado Green Chile: Giadone Pueblo Chile Seeds
Both of our Pueblo Chiles have a slightly different flavor from the New Mexican Hatch chile varieties - many Coloradans say they taste better than Hatch, but we really think both Hatch chile and Pueblo Chile taste amazing, they're just different. Comparing the two is like comparing jalapeños to serraños. We love them both. 
Mirasol Giadone Pueblo Hot Chile Seeds - Authentic from Colorado
You can add Colorado Pueblo Chile to lots of dishes just like Hatch Chile, they tend to have thicker walls than Hatch chile varieties, making them very easy to roast and peel. 

Check out our seeds for our two Pueblo Chile varieties:  the tasty Pueblo Mosco Chile (shown above) and the spicier sister, the Pueblo Giadone Chile.

Pueblo Chile pods grow towards the sun!

Pueblo Chile pods grow upwards towards the sun!