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Growing Peppers in Containers

Growing Peppers in Containers

Growing Peppers in Containers is easy! 

Many peppers grow well in containers, you can grow peppers in any type of container if it's big enough and has good drainage. You want to make sure to use good well-draining potting soil, and make sure the containers have holes in the bottom to let water out because peppers HATE wet feet!

Containers can actually be good in the early spring when the ground may still be cold, as peppers love warm soil. So placing your container in the sun will help warm up the soil faster and allow for peppers to grow quicker in the springtime. We recommend starting your pepper seeds inside (keeping them very warm at 80-90˚ F) at least 6 weeks before the last frost is expected in your area. Learn more about all of our top tips on how to grow peppers »

Growing Peppers in Containers
Here are our recommendations of the
best peppers to grow in containers:

1. Shishito Pepper Seeds
These amazingly delicious Japanese sweet peppers are wonderful if you simply fry them in some oil with salt. These are one of the best peppers to grow in containers as they are prolific and fast growing.

2. Poblano Pepper Seeds
Poblanos are suited to containers and are great for rellenos because of their mild heat and heart-like shape.

3. Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Seeds
This orange hot pepper from Bulgaria does well in containers and is also well adapted to the cool Scandinavian climate, so they can thrive during cooler spring temperatures. These 18" pepper plants will be covered with fruit, they are quite prolific!

4. Fushimi Pepper Seeds
The Fushimi pepper is great for growing in containers. It is a traditional Japanese sweet pepper that has delicious flavor, even when eaten right off the plant! You can also fry them up with some oil and salt for a tasty treat.

5. Devil's Tongue Pepper Seeds
These spicy-hot peppers can grow well in 5 gallon containers. Devil's Tongue is similar to Fatalii color and shape, but has smoother skin, is slightly smaller and hotter. 

6. Jalapeño M Seeds
All Jalapeños are great for containers and they are some of the fastest to harvest! These Jalapeño M peppers are about 3.5" – which is larger and has more heat than the Early Jalapeño. These pepper plants thrive in large 5 gallon well-draining containers.

7. Early Jalapeño Seeds
These Early Jalapeños are one of the best peppers to grow in containers, and are good for short seasons and cooler climates. One of the earliest peppers at just 65 days from seed to first harvest!

8. Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds
These are one of our favorite peppers to grow in containers because they are beautiful in multi-color, just as pretty as flowers! :) And yes, these ornamental hot peppers are edible – we like to use them to dehydrate and crush to make hot pepper flakes or hot sauce.

9. Goat Horn Pepper Seeds
These cayenne-like peppers have beautiful smooth ripe pods with a nice sweet taste followed by fast building long-lasting heat. Great for making salsa, hot pepper flakes or hot sauce, and these peppers are perfect for growing in containers.

Best Peppers for Containers - Grow NuMex Twilight Hot Peppers in pots! They're gorgeous.

10. NuMex Twilight Peppers
NuMex Twilight peppers are beautiful in containers! They will be the highlight of your container garden with a beautiful array of bright purple fruits that ripen to yellow, orange, then ripen to a brilliant red. While these are very ornamental, they are also edible! They make for great hot sauce, or hot pepper flakes. So enjoy their beauty all summer long, and then, at the end of the season, pick all of the peppers and make our No-Salt Hot Sauce Recipe, or use a Fermentation Crock to make Fermented Hot Sauce, or try our simple Easy Hot Sauce Recipe

11.Yellow Jalapeño Seeds
Don't miss the beautiful and unusual NuMex Jalapeño Lemon Spice – this yellow jalapeño is perfect for growing in containers. With thick yellow flesh, it has a lot more heat than the Early Jalapeño. This yellow jalapeño also ripens as early as 65 days after germinating, so you'll get to enjoy Jalapeño poppers faster! 

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Best Peppers to Grow in Containers - Peppers are Beautiful potted plants!

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More tips on Growing Peppers in Containers:

You can transplant chile pepper seedlings outdoors when temperatures remain above 55-60˚ F at night, and over 70 degrees during the day. What's great about containers is that spring often has temperature swings. so if a cold snap is expected, you can move your pepper containers indoors or to a warmer spot outside to keep them warm until the cold weather has passed. 

Grow Peppers in Large Containers!
We usually recommend containers that are at least 5 gallons in size, and are at least 
least 14 inches deep so that the pepper roots can grow deep. If your container doesn't have holes, drill some in, you don't want the roots to get water-logged as that will spell death for your potted peppers. 

Don't use too much fertilizer!  
If you give peppers too much nitrogen, the peppers will grow lush but have very few blooms and peppers. We like to use organic, slow-release balanced fertilizers and fish-emulsion. 

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