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Garden Gift Basket Ideas

Garden Gift Basket Ideas

Here are our favorite Garden Gift Basket Ideas
for the gardener in your life: 

  • Rare Seeds
    A Garden Gift Basket filled with packets of seeds are always a welcome site to any gardener. Buy unusual varieties such as Rare Pepper Seeds to give them something fun and new to try next season. We have hundreds of peppers from around the world, so finding something new for your gardener to grow is easy to do!/li> 

    Garden Gift Basket Ideas

  • Frequently Used Seeds
    Garden Gift Baskets can also include more common seeds that you can't have too many of, for example Radish seeds go quite quickly in the garden, as we usually like to sow a new row of radishes every week or two for a constant supply of little red spicy gems. Beet seeds, too, are great to have a good supply of as you can keep planting new rows of them to keep them coming as well all season long. 

Garden Gift Basket Ideas - Food Garden Seed Collection

  • Food Garden Seed Collection
    Check out our new Food Garden Gift Collection – A one-of-a-kind item that will certainly be appreciated by everyone who receives one, including new gardeners, foodies, organic farmers, preppers or experienced gardeners. The contains 20 packets of the easiest-to-grow vegetables to help stock the cupboards with organic homegrown produce! This gardener gift comes gift wrapped and the seeds are wrapped into a cute reusable garden tote (shown above) that can be used to collect and share the bounty. 

  • Heirloom Tomato Seeds
    Who doesn't enjoy a juicy homegrown heirloom tomato freshly picked and still warm from the sun? We recommend for the greatest tomato success to grow a variety of tomato seeds. We have a ton of our favorite juicy heirloom tomatoes to grow in any garden, and they all make great Garden Gift Basket stuffers!

  • Short Season Seeds
    Gardeners in short season climates often complain that just when their tomatoes and peppers are taking off, an early cold spell moves in and foils their harvest. Green Tomato Enchilada Sauce is a good solution, but growing short season varieties can avoid this heartbreak. And, even if you don't have to worry about short seasons, we're pretty sure that every gardener still wants MORE tomatoes and peppers sooner in the season! Here are our top Short Season Tomato Seeds as well as our delicious Short Season Peppers to grow in any garden. These super fast growing tomatoes and peppers are sure to please any gardener and are great for Garden Gift Basket ideas.

  • Flower Seeds
    Flowers are always welcome in any garden, and giving flower seeds in a Garden Gift Basket is a great idea. Edible flowers are fun, such as Sunflowers or Nasturtiums. You can also go to your local nursery and ask if they have native plant seeds, gardeners love native plants and often they are hard to find - so seeds are a great way to get lots of native plants growing in gardens to support local birds and native bees.

  • Potting Soil
    Yep, potting soil is used quite often by gardeners who grow from seed, so a bag of good potting soil is always a sure bet with gardeners! Buy local organic potting soil from your garden nursery shop. While it may not fit INSIDE a garden Gift Basket, it will do just fine nestled underneath one. :) 

  • Garden Basket
    The basket itself can be a Garden Gift Basket idea! Think about getting a basket with comfortable handles to collect produce in. Many garden baskets have mesh bottoms that serve as a colander in the garden the mesh bottom lets gardeners collect and easily rinse and drain produce right in the garden. 

  • Plant Markers
    Buying quality plant markers can also be a nice gift – we like the zinc metal ones as they last forever compared to the plastic ones, which seem to break over the years. 

  • Long-sleeved Garden Gloves
    A good pair of long-sleeved garden gloves is always great for harvesting zucchini or other prickly veggies or roses. They are also called rose pruning gloves. We find these are our best gardening gloves because they protect your arms from scratches and irritation as you harvest, so any gardener is sure to be pleased with a new pair nestled in a Garden Gift Basket. Buying a pair at your local nursery is a great way to support local businesses and you usually can get a better quality pair than at big box stores. 

Garden Gift Basket Ideas - Food Garden Collection

So those are all of our Garden Gift Basket ideas so far!

Do you have any great Garden Gift Basket Ideas?
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