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Fruity Hot Peppers

Fruity Hot Peppers - Seeds to Grow for Fruity Hot Sauces, Salsas and more

Fruity Hot Peppers

Here's a question from one of our
seed customers asking about
fruity hot peppers:

"I enjoy the earthy flavor of jalapeños on occasions. They’re perfect with tacos but for sauces I prefer habaneros or something more fruity. Can you recommend some of your peppers that have a fruity flavor?"

 Fruity Hot Pepper - Habanero Seeds

There are many types of hot peppers. For hot peppers with fruity flavors, Habaneros are always a good bet – check out our Red Caribbean Habanero or try growing our Orange Habanero with it's subtle apricot aroma and fruity-spicy heat. Fruity Habanero peppers grow well in vegetable gardens, they are good to start the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. You could also try our super hot peppers including: Komodo Dragon pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, or our Yellow Trinidad Scorpion, our Tombstone Ghost Pepper, or our Trinidad Moruga Scorpion - all are super hot and fruity!

Hot Fruity Peppers - AJI AMARILLO SEEDS

If you're looking for fruity hot peppers, make sure to also out these hot peppers that also are high on fruit flavor: 

Aji Limo, the Aji Amarillo, the orange Bulgarian Carrot pepper,  or try our pretty yellow Datil pepper, which has vicious heat, but the flavor is complex, sweet and fruity. 

Fruity Hot Peppers: Datil Pepper Seeds
The Datil pepper is a blazing hot fruity pepper – yes, the heat is vicious, but the flavor is complex, sweet and fruity. In Saint Augustine, Florida, locals have a festival that is completely dedicated to celebrating the Datil pepper in all its spicy glory.

Komodo Dragon Pepper - Fruity HOT heat!

The super hot Komodo Dragon pepper has fruity flavor and intense heat that lingers on and on. At first, you can taste a wonderful hot fruitiness, but then after about 10 seconds the full might of this little demon hits you and your whole mouth is on fire!! You may just feel like a fire-breathing dragon after enjoying a taste of the Komodo Dragon pepper!

Of, if you want fruity flavor but without the heat, check out
our tasty no-heat Habanero:

Fruity Hot Peppers: Mild Fruity Pepper

Want a mild fruity pepper? 

Check out our NuMex Trick or Treat Habanero, which has all the great fruity flavor of the hot habaneros, but without the heat. 

Organic Pepper Seeds

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