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Free Seeds for Lettuce!

Free Seeds for Lettuce from

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Now through June 30, 2021, you can get Free Seeds for Lettuce from Sandia Seed with the purchase of any of our Get Real Gardening vegetable seeds.

We will add a free seed packet of our delicious Little Gem Lettuce in with any vegetable seeds in our Get Real Gardening collection.

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Chef's love Little Gem Lettuce as it is a cross between butterhead and romaine, giving it the unique trait of having romaine’s crunch with the sweetness and small size of a butterhead. 

Succession Plant Lettuce Seeds:
It is smart to succession plant seeds for lettuce as you can keep your lettuce harvest coming all season long if you keep sowing more seeds every 3 weeks. This way, you'll have salad all summer long! It's good to grow lettuce in partial shade in the hot summer months, as it tends to bolt (go to flower) or get bitter if it gets too hot, although Little Gem stands up well to summer heat than many other lettuces and is slower to bolt!    
You can also sow radishes, beets and other vegetables all summer!
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The Secret to Crisp Lettuce from the Garden

The secret to crispy lettuce from your garden:
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