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How to Make Lettuce Last Longer

How to Make Lettuce Last Longer

The secret to crispy lettuce from your garden:

If you harvest lettuce from your garden, you may wonder how to make lettuce last longer. Well, here’s the trick to keep it crispy in your fridge for days! No more wilted lettuce.

How to preserve lettuce from the garden:
Immediately after picking, soak your freshly picked greens in cold water for 20-30 minutes to "crisp" them up for storing longer in the fridge. This will prevent wilting of your lettuces and other greens, and they last way longer. We love using a salad spinner where I collect, wash and soak my greens in the garden before spinning dry for storing in the fridge.

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Summer is a great time to start succession planting lettuce seeds in your garden! Lettuce can be tucked in between peppers and tomatoes, and grows great in the partial shade in the summer months.