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Fastest Growing Hot Peppers

Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Carolina Reaper
Looking for the Fastest Growing Super Hot Peppers? 

The challenge of growing super hot peppers is that you need a long growing season. In short season garden zones, it's sometimes hard to get the hottest pepper plants to produce ripe pods before the first frosts hit in the fall. And, super hot pepper plants also thrive in very warm conditions, so in some areas it's hard to get the super hots to ripen before the cold weather hits.

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How to grow hot peppers faster: Habanero Peppers


Start Hot Peppers Indoors and Keep them Warm:
We recommend starting your super hot pepper seeds early indoors at least 8 weeks before the last frost date, if not earlier, so you can grow robust plants to be transplanted outdoors once the nights have warmed up and chance of frost has passed.

It's also important to use a seedling heat mat if you have a cooler indoor space in order to keep the temperature very warm for the seeds to sprout, pepper seeds germinate fastest in 80-90˚ F heat.

Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Hot Peppers for Pots and Containers

Grow Super Hot Peppers in Containers:
You can also grow super hots in large containers so that you can move them indoors if needed during late spring or early autumn cold spells. Super hots really don't like temperatures below 50˚ F, so moving them into a hoop house or indoors when the nights get cold can help them grow faster.
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Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Jalapeno

Grow the Fastest Growing Hot Pepper Seeds:
Some of the fastest growing hot peppers are Jalapenos! Which is just one of many reasons to love them. We have Jalapeno seeds for several varieties including our hottest Jalapeno, the Orange Jalapeno which has 80,000 Scovilles! That's a HOT Jalapeno! It is also super fast growing, starting to produce in around 65 days! Or checkout our medium heat Yellow Jalapeno seeds, which also ripen quickly in 65 days but come in a brilliant yellow, quite a show-stopper in the garden! Or try this Hot Yellow Jalapeno which is quite hot at 30,000 Scovilles. Be sure to check out our milder (but still spicy) jalapeno seeds as well, we have several to choose from.

Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Yellow Carolina Reaper

Pick Faster Growing Super Hot Pepper Varieties:
Of all the super hot peppers, two of our fastest growing is the Yellow Carolina Reaper and the original Red Carolina Reaper. These super hot peppers both matures starting around 90 days with the right conditions, which is faster than other super hots which can typically range from 100-120+ days to produce ripe pods. The red reaper is the hottest pepper in the world, ranging between 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. Her smoother yellow cousin, the Yellow Reaper comes in a little milder but still wicked hot at 1,000,000 Scovilles.

Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah

The Chocolate Trinidad Douglah 7 Pot hot pepper. This beautiful brown 2-1/2” super hot is worth growing. It needs very warm temperatures for the fruit to fully mature - but matures in around 95 days which is faster than other super hot peppers. Plants grow to 3’ tall.Hot hot hot at 1,200,000 Scovilles!

Fastest Growing Hot Peppers: Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah Moruga Chocolate Hot Pepper Seeds

The Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah Moruga Chocolate hot pepper is a cross of Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah with Trinidad Chocolate Moruga Scorpion, and it too ripens around 95 days, a little earlier than most super hots. Crazy hot with 1,200,000 Scovilles!

Fastest Growing Peppers

So if you live in a short season gardening zone, or if you just want your hot peppers sooner, grow our faster growing peppers for the best success!

Fastest Growing Peppers

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