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Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds

Sold Out

Technically, these are not sold out – because the Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds are not yet available!

While these seeds aren't for sale yet, Sandia Seed is working to start offering Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds, so stay tuned – we'll post on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook, and our website IF and when we do! 

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We are trying to grow out these famed Dragons – we acquired some pods and are growing out the seeds to see if the strain is stable and if it lives up to it's spicy reputation. So far, we're pretty dubious, read why...

If you're looking to grow the hottest pepper in the world... did you know that the Dragon's Breath is NOT "officially" the hottest pepper in the world? Yes, that's right, the Carolina Reaper is still the champion! Guinness World of Records still has the Carolina Reaper as the true queen of all the super hots, so you can still grow the hottest pepper in the worldorder your seeds today »

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