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Container Peppers

Container Peppers

Container Peppers:
Yes, peppers can be grown in containers and pots! It's good to choose varieties that do well in containers, see our list below.

Container Size for Peppers:
Plant peppers in the largest container possible, we recommend using pots that are at least 5-Gallons and 10-12" across in size so there is plenty of soil for pepper plants to grow roots into. Plastic pots hold in moisture better, which is good if you are growing them in hot dry conditions. 

Full Sun:
Make sure your peppers have at least 6 hours of sun, they won't flower or produce much if in a lot of shade. 

Don't Overwater:
While keeping the container soil moist is important, make sure that the soil is very well-draining and there are plenty of drainage holes so the roots don't get waterlogged.  

Container Peppers - NuMex Twilight

Container Pepper Growing Bonus:
Containers Warm Up Faster & Are Portable:
The soil in pepper containers warms up faster than the ground, so for shorter growing seasons growing them in containers can let you plant a little sooner than you would in the ground. And, you can bring them indoors or under cover if cold weather is expected. Most peppers won't grow well if it's colder than 55-60ňö F.¬†


The Best Peppers to Grow in Containers include:

1. Shishito Pepper Seeds
Japanese sweet peppers are great container peppers! 

2. Poblano Pepper Seeds
Poblanos grow well in 5-gallon large containers, and have great flavor and mild heat.

3. Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Seeds
This orange hot pepper from Bulgaria is well adapted to the cool Scandinavian climate and has small, 18" plants that become completely covered with fruit. Bulgarian Carrot Peppers make for great container peppers.

4. Fushimi Pepper Seeds
Fushimis are Japanese sweet peppers that are delicious, and they make great container peppers.

5. Devil's Tongue Pepper Seeds
Devil's Tongue is similar to Fatalii color and shape, but has smoother skin, is slightly smaller and hotter, and great for growing in containers. 

6.¬†Jalape√Īo M Seeds
America's most popular pepper! This Jalape√Īo has larger fruit with more heat than the Early Jalape√Īo. Grow these babies in 5-gallon containers.¬†

7. Early Jalape√Īo Seeds
Growing jalapeno peppers in containers is a great way to add more gardening space to your patio or garden. Great for short seasons and cooler climates, this is one of our earliest peppers harvesting in just 65 days. Makes a great container pepper plant. 

8. Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds
Beautiful rainbow colored peppers! These make great container peppers and they can be showstoppers in your container garden. They really look like fireworks!

9. Goat Horn Pepper Seeds
These Goat Horns are great as container peppers ‚Äď they are quite elegant with their long curving shapes, and turn brilliant red when fully mature. Great for red pepper flakes at the end of the season.¬†

10. NuMex Twilight Peppers
Another gorgeous option for your container peppers, these NuMex Twilights are truly beautiful centerpeices in your garden, or can make a great ornamental border. And yes, they're edible! Make them into our No-Salt Hot Sauce Recipe, or use a Fermentation Crock to make Fermented Hot Sauce, or try the simple Easy Hot Sauce Recipe. 

11.Yellow Jalape√Īo Seeds
NuMex Jalape√Īo Lemon Spice is quite nice as a container pepper! They're delicious and turn to a beautiful yellow when mature.¬†

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