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Cheap Veg Seeds

Cheap Veg Seeds

Looking for cheap veg seeds for your vegetable garden or farm?

Sandia Seed specializes in New Mexican Chile seeds, including several Hatch Chile seeds varieties, as well as super hot pepper seeds like the Carolina Reaper, and sweet pepper seeds like Pimento Pepper seeds

If you're looking for getting the most seeds for your money, then the cheapest seeds are the seeds sold in 30-seed packs or check out our Bulk Seeds

Cheap veg seeds - Hatch Chile SeedsThe number of seeds per packet depends on the variety, some of our specialty chile pepper seeds are more costly or limited, so they only have 10 seeds per packet. 

For Cheap Seeds, here are some of our seeds with 30 seeds per packet:

Chimayo Chile Seeds »
Big Jim Legacy Seeds »
Jalapeno-M Seeds »
Sweet Banana Seeds »
Cubanelle Seeds »
Golden Bell Pepper Seeds »
Serrano Seeds »

There are other seed packets with 30 seeds per pack as well on our site, just check the description on each pepper variety.

Bulk Seeds:

You can also order our Bulk Seeds for even more cost-effective large plantings. We sell bulk seeds to a lot of our customers who have large garden plots, or farms of all sizes including urban farms. We've also had community gardens purchase bulk seeds to share with all their gardeners. :) 

Cheap Veg Seeds - 3 Seed Packets for 15% Off

Also, be sure to check out our discount seed packs – with 3 seed packets per order at 15% off, it's a great deal! These come with packets with 30 seeds per packet, too, so you can maximize the amount of plants you get from each plant.

More Ways to Save Money on Seeds:
For more ways to spread your money further, you can also save your extra seedlings. Have you ever "plucked" your pepper seedlings? See our video below, it's quite satisfying. :) Since we recommend planting at least 2-3 seeds per pot to ensure success, you'll often have "extra" seedlings that sprout. Especially if you use a heat mat and keep them warm, our seeds often have nearly 100% germination rates when kept warm and moist during germination. So, if you have extra seedlings, you can "pluck" them out and transplant into their own pot/pods. We do this all the time, because, no seedling goes unloved! That means we usually have lots of pepper seedlings to share, but that's ok, we love getting others to grow delicious and beautiful pepper plants in their gardens. :) 

Happy growing!