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Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds for Sale

Carolina Reaper Pepper seeds for sale

Are you looking for Carolina Reaper Pepper seeds for sale?

The Carolina Reaper pepper is still the champion for being the hottest pepper in the world, according to Guinness World Records. There have been rumors of other peppers contending for being the hottest pepper, including the Dragon's Breath pepper and Pepper X, but these have NOT yet received any official awards for being hotter than the Reaper. We have been trying to grow out smoe Dragon's Breath pepper seeds, however, we are dubious  – read more about the infamous Dragon's Breath pepper »

Sandia Seed specializes in super hot pepper seeds like the Carolina Reaper as well as many other wicked  hot peppers such as  Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Seeds,  Tombstone Ghost Pepper Seeds, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Seeds
and even the Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" Seeds, the former Guinness world record holder.
Carolina Reaper Pepper seeds for sale - hottest pepper in the world!
See the Carolina Reaper pepper grown from seed above, check out that droplet of wicked hot Capsaicin in the upper left, WHOA NELLY! These peppers are so wicked hot that we really don't advise eating them straight. But we DO think they make a wicked salsa – check out our Carolina Reaper Salsa Recipe »

Don't just grow the Reaper, make sure you try all the super hot peppers, they come in lots of colors like purple, yellow, white, and chocolate – so they're sure to bring a spicy rainbow to your garden!

Hottest Pepper Seeds in the World including Carolina Reaper Seeds

Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds are easy to grow, you just need to make sure to keep the seeds warm when hatching them – all peppers, but especially super hots, like a nice toasty moist place to germinate. Ideally, temperatures should be between 80˚- 90˚ F for the most successful germination. When we keep our Carolina Reaper seeds warm, we usually get nearly 100% germination!

Carolina Reaper Seeds - plant flowers too for best pollination for more Reapers!

Carolina Reaper Seeds Growing Tip:

Plant flowers too to bring in the bees for the best pollination so you get lots more Carolina Reaper Peppers.  Learn more of our best tips on growing super hot peppers like the Reaper on our How to Grow Peppers page »