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Can you eat NuMex Twilight Peppers?

Check out the NuMex Twilight Pepper – this beautiful, eye-catching pepper plant produces a rainbow array of bright purple fruits that ripen to yellow, orange, then red.

Since they are so prolific... we often have customers ask:

Can you eat NuMex Twilight Peppers?

Yes! While these peppers are very HOT and the pungency level of this ornamental has not been evaluated, you can still eat them as you would with any hot pepper.

NuMex Twilight Recipes:
We chop our NuMex Twilight peppers into salsas, hot sauces, chiles, pasta sauces, omelettes, rice and bean dishes, curries, and salads. Cook them as you would along with garlic as a spicy base to add to any meal!

Dried Peppers:
Numex Twilight peppers are also good for drying on a windowsill and grinding into hot pepper flakes. Learn how to make your own hot pepper flakes »

Spicy Vinegar Sauce:
You can also make spicy vinegar with NuMex Twilight peppers, check out our Vinegar Pepper Sauce Recipe »

So, in addition to making a beautiful conversation piece in your garden, these peppers, while considered by many to be ornamental, are actually great to spice up any food! 

Numex Twilight Pepper Recipes