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Biggest Pepper in the World

Biggest Pepper in the World

Want to grow the worlds largest pepper?

Look no further than the Big Jim Chile, which holds the crown in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest pepper in the world! Often exceeding 14 inches in length, this giant chile is sure to please with it's delicious smokey & buttery flavor after roasting. These extra-largeĀ peppers are also super fast growing, so you can start harvesting giant chile pods starting at just 78 days after starting seeds!Ā 

We loveĀ using roasted Big Jim chile on everything from stews to pizzas to burgers. Because they're so large, they are also easy to roast and peel with easy to peel skin and thick meaty flesh.Ā 

Biggest Pepper in the world

Growing Big Jim chile plants in your garden is easy ā€“ they can be started from seed and grow quickly into robust plants loaded with giant chile peppers!Ā 

Biggest Chile Pepper in the World - This harvest was grown in Wyoming!

And, while Big Jim Chile are famously grown in New Mexico, you can really grow them anywhere you can grow other vegetables like tomatoes ā€“ you don't have to live in New Mexico to have a giant chile harvest! The above photo is from one of our customers who grows our chile seeds in Northern Wyoming ā€“ she likes to grow ourĀ Big Jim seedsĀ in Sheridan, Wyoming with great success. Check out her photos she sent us above of her expansive chile garden.Ā Ā 

Largest Pepper in the World: Hatch Doublecross Chile

If you want to grow a giant chile but want more heat, check out our Doublecross Hatch Chile, shown above, whichĀ isĀ the perfect chile for those that love Big Jim but want a little more heat. Large and hot meaty pods can grow up to 9ā€ long, so they're also huge!

Large Mild Green Chile: Guizeppi Chile Seeds

Or, if you want a milder but still giant chile, check out ourĀ Guizeppi Chile, which is the perfect choice for people who love the green chile flavor but don't care for the heat. TheĀ  Guizeppi Chile is the mildest Hatch chile you can grow ā€“ but it's still packed with great green chile flavor! TheseĀ big green chilesĀ haveĀ pods ranging in size from 8- 12ā€ long ā€“ so they're still nice and big!Ā 

Roasting the Largest Pepper in the World

We love roasting our giant green chile pods on the grill at home, and then we peel and deseed them for using for adding intense flavor and some heat to any dish. We steam ours in our old trusty pyrex glass baking dishes, they're perfect with glass lids to steam the chile after roasting, making easy to peel them. Many people use plastic bags to do this, but we don't like putting hot food into plastic, not to mention the plastic waste, so we use glass dishes and lids instead.Ā 

Largest Pepper in the World: Roasting and Peeling the Big Jim

One of our favorite things is when the skin slides right off of our giant green chile pods after roasting, and you have a perfect flavorfulĀ 
specimen to admire like the one above!
So grow the biggest spicy pepper in the world from seed this year!Ā 

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Happy growing!