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Wholesale Seeds

Wholesale Organic Seeds


Sandia Seed offers Wholesale Seeds to anyone who wants to resell seeds in online stores, garden centers, hardware stores, gift shops or other local stores. Sandia Seed offers Wholesale Seeds for all of our 100+ pepper seeds and our top favorite 44+ tomato seeds including lots of heirloom and Vegetable Seeds from around the world.

Wholesale Organic Seeds

It's easy to become a Sandia Seed seller! We offer new wholesale customers receive 50% off your first order over $300 and then all future reorders with no minimum for reorders. Learn more about our Wholesale Seeds »

We specialize in world-famous New Mexican Chile varieties including seeds for the giant Big Jim chile, Anaheim chile, Hatch green chile and red chile varieties. We also offer super hot pepper seeds as well as sweet pepper seeds and lots of varieties of all the heats in-between.



In 2021, we introduced a new line of Vegetable Seeds to complement our pepper and tomato seeds, as so many customers asked us last year if we sold any veggies, too! So we picked our top 20 favorite veggies that are super easy to grow, including the fastest growing radishes, the chef's favorite Little Gem Lettuce, easy broccoli, the amazingly productive black beauty zucchini, corn,  carrots, pickling cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, sugar snap peas and so much more. Check out our full line of Vegetable Seeds »


Organic Wholesale Seeds

Learn more about our Wholesale Seeds »