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Aleppo Pepper

Looking for the Aleppo Pepper to grow in your garden?

Sandia Seed is excited to be adding Aleppo Seeds to our catalog for 2024!

Aleppo Seeds

Aleppo Heirloom Pepper

The Aleppo pepper, also known as the Halaby pepper, is commonly used as chile flakes in Mediterranean cuisine. It has a beautiful deep red color, rich fruity undertones and an aromatic flavor. It is popular around the world as an alternative to crushed red pepper flakes and paprika powder. Aleppo peppers have a sweet taste with a nice kick of heat. Peppers mature from green to a ruby red color and have a unique, sweet earthy flavor. Plants will grow up to 4‚Äô tall and produce 2-4‚ÄĚ long pods. We are thrilled to be adding these Aleppo pepper seeds to our seed catalog for 2024!

Capsicum annuum (80-90 days)
Heat Level: Hot Scoville: 10,000

Aleppo Pepper

If you like Aleppo peppers, also make sure to also check out our Paprika seeds, or our Poblano Pepper seeds, which have wonderful flavors similar to that of the Aleppo. You can also check out the infamous Guajillo Chile from Mexico, which also make a delicious chile powder and is often used in making Mole sauces. 

Aleppo Pepper Plants

Aleppo pepper plants are easy to grow from seed. They do take about 80-90 days from starting the seed to harvest, so if you have a shorter growing season make sure to start them in early 8+ weeks ahead of the last frost so that you can get robust plants growing before transplanting into the garden. You can grow Aleppo peppers in the ground, make sure to have well-draining soil and add compost for good health. Aleppo pepper plants can grow up to 4' tall, so you may want to provide some supports as needed. You can also grow these in large containers, ideally your pot will be at least 5 gallons or larger for ideal growing conditions ‚Äď and make sure to use well-draining potting soil and provide plenty of drainage holes in the container. Aleppo peppers do not like soggy feet!

Paprika Pepper (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)

Aleppo Pepper seeds -

Try making our:
Aleppo Spice Mix Recipe ¬Ľ

Aleppo chile peppers, also known as the Halaby pepper, are brick-red peppers grown in the around the city of Aleppo in northwest Syria. These peppers are typically dried, seeded and crushed and made into a Aleppo Spice Mix that tastes similar to Ancho chili powder, which is made from dried Poblano peppers. We'll work on carrying the Aleppo pepper in the future, but for now, make sure to check out the Paprika and Poblano (including our Chocolate Poblano pepper) which also make DELICIOUS red pepper powder! 

Poblano Pepper (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)
Poblano Pepper Plant (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)