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Aleppo Pepper

Paprika Pepper (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)

Looking for the Aleppo Pepper to grow in your garden?

While we don't currently carry Aleppo Pepper seeds, make sure to check out our Paprika seeds, or our Poblano Pepper seeds, which have wonderful flavor similar to that of the Aleppo.You can also check out the infamous Guajillo Chile from Mexico, which also make a delicious chile powder and is often used in making Mole sauces. 

Try making our:
Aleppo Spice Mix Recipe »

Aleppo chile peppers, also known as the Halaby pepper, are brick-red peppers grown in the around the city of Aleppo in northwest Syria. These peppers are typically dried, seeded and crushed and made into a Aleppo Spice Mix that tastes similar to Ancho chili powder, which is made from dried Poblano peppers. We'll work on carrying the Aleppo pepper in the future, but for now, make sure to check out the Paprika and Poblano (including our Chocolate Poblano pepper) which also make DELICIOUS red pepper powder! 

Poblano Pepper (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)
Poblano Pepper Plant (perfect for an Aleppo Pepper Substitute)