Hot Pepper Seeds

Posted on 06 April 2016

Hot Pepper Seeds

If you're looking for hot pepper seeds, green chile seeds or so-hot-it-will-give-you-hiccups super hot peppers, you've come to the right place.

Sandia Seed came to be because we wanted to offer a better variety of pepper seeds to the home gardener. We found that a lot of the New Mexican green chile varieties were not easy to come by for gardeners, so we decided to work with New Mexican farmers to bring their heirloom green chiles and peppers to the home gardeners and urban gardeners of the world.

So are you looking for hot pepper seeds?
Check out our lists below:

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is the hottest pepper!

We offer a great variety of New Mexican and Hatch green chile seeds , check them out below in order of mild to hot!

Mildest: Paprika, Poblano, Anaheim
Mild: Pasilla, Heritage 6-4, Big Jim Legacy.
Medium: Big Jim Heritage, Joe E. Parker, Hatch Green Chile, Guajillo, Chimayo, Espanola Improved, Fresno, Santa Fe Grande.
Hot: Hatch Red, Sandia Hot, Barker's Hot, Lumbre.
Extra Hot: Early Jalapeno, Serrano.

Check out all of our super hot pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds as well as green chile seeds, sweet pepper seeds, and our heirloom tomato seeds.

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