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Tomato - Virginia Sweets Heirloom Seeds

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Open-pollinated heirloom  (80 days)

Fruit Color: Bi-color Red and Yellow. Shape: Round. Size: 1 lb.. Plant Habit: Indeterminate  Plant Size: 5’

The huge 1-2 lb. yellow and red fruits are extremely sweet. It is said to be the very best of the yellow bi-color tomatoes.

History: This old heirloom from Virginia has a flavor described as fruity and complex. It is one of the best tasting and best-producing yellow-red tomatoes. A dependable producer of an abundant harvest of delicious tomatoes that are resistant to cracking. Heat tolerant.

Heirloom non-GMO    10 Seeds

All of our seeds are GMO-free.

Customer Reviews

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Claymon Gross
Best two colored yellow to slightly red striped

Best tomatoes if you like them sweeter and meatier than any I've ever eaten, and listen I've eaten a lot of them I'm almost 65 years old and have grown maters all my life Forget the Brandywine or German Johnson ...better than any Cherokee Purple or Black Krim and that's saying a lot. Try or By Jove my names, not Claymon you will come back to this if you left. I don't make anything from the tale I'm telling...

chuck hampton
my first yr. with Virginia sweet.

I have been growing tomatoes for about 40 yrs. and got two plants from a sweet little lady. She said they produce a lot and they are very tasty. She was so correct. My first tomato was 2.5lbs. and very tasty. I was suprised because it was a large tomato. It will produce until very cold weather has its way. I have saved hundred seeds and will give my first 2 plants away. The rest will sell at a very reasonable price. I will also show pics to potential buyers as proof of there beauty and size.