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  • Tomato - Rutgers VF Heirloom Seeds ORG

Tomato - Rutgers VF Heirloom Seeds ORG

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Open-pollinated heirloom  (75 days)

Fruit Color: Red. Shape: Round. Size: 8-10 oz. Plant Habit: Determinate  Plant Size: 5’

Bright red 8-10 oz. fruits have incredible old-time tomato taste. This is an improved strain that is resistant to Verticillium wilt (V) and Fusarium wilt (F).

History: The Rutgers tomato was developed by the Campbell Soup Co. in 1928 from a cross of Marglobe and J.T.D. It was later refined by Rutgers Univ. in 1943 for more disease resistance. The Rutgers tomato once accounted for 70% of the processed tomatoes in the United States. A fine New Jersey heirloom.

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