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Tomato - Isis Candy Heirloom Seeds

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Open-pollinated heirloom  (67 days)

Fruit Color: Bi-color Yellow and Red. Size: 1-1/2" Round Cherry. Plant Habit: Indeterminate  Plant Size: 6’

This variety produces precious little 1-1/2" morsels of red and gold garden candy. These cherry tomatoes have a starburst pattern on the blossom end when ripe. This small early-producing tomato is also heat and drought-tolerant.

History: Sweet and fruity, Isis Candy has become a consistent winner at cherry tomato tasting contests. It rivals the Sun Gold flavor as a best-of-show cherry.  Kids really like this rich and fruity candy treat.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and Delicious

These tomatoes were quite beautiful and very tasty. One of the first to harvest, too, so I'm happy to find one of the fastest growing tomatoes since we live in a short season climate.

Harry S.
Great flavor!

These were the tastiest in the garden last year, and they kept producing fruits all summer long. Great to eat right in the garden! One note, one of these plants had a lot of splitting of the skins, probably because of inconsistent moisture, but still, we had to make sure to pick them early as they kept splitting. The other plant did not do this in a different location. Who knows why?! But they were delicious regardless, and we'll be growing the again.