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Tomato - Bush Early Girl Hybrid Seeds

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Hybrid Tomato  (59 days)

Fruit Color: Red. Shape: Round. Size: 6-7 oz.  Plant Habit: Determinate  Plant Size: 3’

Compact space-saving plants produce good early yields of excellent flavor for an early tomato. Good disease resistance and easy to grow. Heat tolerant. 10 Seeds in the packet.

History: Very popular with home gardeners because of early fruit ripening. Bush Early Girl tomatoes are larger and more flavorful than Early Girl. It is always dependable and produces huge yields on small bushy plants.

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Germination Tip: Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the transplant date. Sow the seeds 1/8" deep in the seedling mix and keep the soil moist and warm. Germination takes 5-10 days. Provide bright light once the first seedling emerges. Fertilize once or twice with a dilute organic solution. Harden off plants outside before transplanting in your garden.

All of our seeds are GMO-free.

Customer Reviews

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Attam Yawou TCHALLA
Asking for samples

Am from Togo and am looking for the best seeds for togolese seeds marcket

grow these next year

Wow, so many tomatoes! If you want to maximize how much you produce, grow these. I was so shocked and awed by how many fruits 1 plant produced. Will be growing these next year. Also, these plants did not get diseased like some of the other tomato near them.

Really good.

These are great, especially considering how fast they are. I have two plants in 7 gallon bags and we've been eating off of them continuously for a couple weeks now. Our first B.L.T sandwiches were with these, and they were awesome. They do a good job getting my tomato fix before the Abe Lincolns start coming in and ripening.

Tomato Tamara
Perfect tomatoes with great flavor, perfect for pots

I planted a couple of these in large barrel pots and they were nice and bushy and produced a nice harvest of juicy red tomatoes. The mice beat me to the first one of the season, darn varmints... but I was able to enjoy many more throughout the rest of the summer. I will grow these again, its' nice to find a tomato that does well in a pot and doesn't get too tall.

Love this Bush variety of Early Girl

Living in Edmonton, AB, Early Girl is a common variety of tomato to grow for our shorter season. I was delighted to find this Bush variety (didn’t know it existed!) and was extremely pleased with the results. The flavour was excellent, thin skin, not too acidic; the perfect slicer tomato. Like a grocery store on-the-vine-type tomato but better flavour. I will likely grow two plants next year (pushing one out as early as possible), staggered 3-4 weeks apart for longer yield.
‚ÄúCompact space saving plants produce good early yields of excellent flavor for an early tomato.‚ÄĚ CHECK.
‚ÄúProduces huge yields on small bushy plants‚ÄĚ CHECK.
‚ÄúPlant Size: 3‚Äô ‚ÄĚ CHECK.
Be sure to use some kind of support due to heavy fruit set on a small plant. Either a strong cage or a flimsy 30‚ÄĚ 3-ring with a centre support stake.