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Sandia Seed Company

Squash - Winter - Spaghetti Seeds

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A winter squash with a slightly sweet nutty flavor. Unlike other types of winter squash, the flesh inside cooked spaghetti squash is stringy and noodle-like, when it is pulled apart with a fork. The mild flavor tastes great topped with marinara or other sauces, and it provides a large amount of essential nutrients. The oval-shaped spaghetti squash has smooth skin, and when mature it can reach up to 3-5 lbs. Squash vines likes to grow when it is warm. So, wait until the soil outside warms up, and then plant seeds 1” deep on mounds of soil that are 6’ apart. The large yellow to orange flowers are edible too and can be added to various recipes. Easy to grow, heat tolerant, and stores well.

  • Plant two seeds 1” deep every 36” in rows that are 6’ wide. Later thin to one plant per mound.
  • This packet plants ≈ 25 plants
  • Cucurbita pepo (80 days)
  • Heirloom/Open-pollinated/Non-GMO 
  • Packet contains 50 Seeds. $3.00


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