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Sandia Seed Company

Squash - Summer - Early Prolific Straightneck Seeds

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This is a very reliable and productive variety of summer squash that is quite popular! The compact bush-type plants produce heavy yields of lemon-yellow club-shaped squashes in small spaces. The flesh inside is firm and buttery with a nutty flavor that makes delicious side dishes and fragrant flavorful soups. This squash is best picked at 4-12" long. Plant two seeds 1/2” deep on small mounds of warm soil that are 3’ apart. Later thin to one plant per mound. The 24” tall bush-type plant can spread to 4’ wide.

This packet contains 50 seeds. 

  • This packet plants 25 mounds ≈ 25 plants
  • Cucurbita pepo (50 days)
  • Heirloom/Open-pollinated/Non-GMO